Gigs – as in getting paid to perform musically.

Sometime in the 1950s? We lived three doors from the Peninsula Hotel, Maylands. Dad got us engaged for one night in the Saloon Bar (the other one was the Public Bar). I played piano, reading from Dad’s large collection of printed music, with Dad on bass. No idea how much I got paid. My only recollection, which is so good I could have invented it, is some drunk leaning on my shoulder (that might be an exaggeration) and asking if I could play ‘Please release me’. Dad looked through our collection.  We didn’t have it.

1962, the Busselton … Festival? and a few of us were the ‘University Folk Club’, which didn’t exist: Bill Greble, some Kiwi chick, some guy called Saïd.
We sang on one side of a river, with the audience – if there was one – on the other. After our first set, we wandered off, got chastised from an organiser for not being there, and sang again, tho I think there was almost no-one still there across the river. We may have sung ‘Go away from my window’ and some song in Maori. Stayed in something like a motel. Vague memory.

Early 1960s. Joan Pope (I think) directed a production of the Alice in Wonderland as a Xmas production (I think) at the Playhouse (I’m sure about that) in Pier Street. (It’s been demolished since.) John Beaton and I were the orchestra, playing two pianos. I can still remember the tune for ‘Beautiful soup’, which I suppose had to do with the mock turtle soup in the story.

I think that might have been all three times I got paid for musical performances. There were of course many other occasions when I did it for fun.