I’m Garry Gillard, and this photo is from 2014. I was lucky in conning pro Bob Sommerville into taking it Sunday 9 November 2014 at the (now closed) Fremantle Workers Club in Henry St, tho he was actually there to take photos of more important people like the then Federal member, Melissa Parke, on the occasion of a launch of a history of the Club (for which I maintain a website).

I would rather think I look like this tho the photo is 20 years old, having been taken the day after I graduated PhD from Murdoch University by the then University photographer, Brian Richards.

This site really only exists because it has my name with .com after it, and I thought I should own it.

So: allow me to refer to some of my other sites, where the real work gets done.

My main site is at garrygillard.net and has been on the Web in various forms and on various servers for twenty-one years, which is at least unusual.

Since around 2000 I have maintained a database of info about Australasian Cinema. This arose out my teaching at Murdoch University. I wrote a book about it.

Since retiring end 2008 I have taken an interest in Fremantle heritage and history, buildings and people, and have a large site called Fremantle Stuff. I spend more time on that than anything else these days.

There’s lots more: the Fremantle Workers Club, my cousin Coral Browne. Here’s the long list.

Thanks for dropping in.